Newest Loewe Ad Featuring Penelope Cruz Released

744af864b615de74 Newest Loewe Ad Featuring Penelope Cruz Released

Back in November, we reported that actress Penelope Cruz was tapped by Spanish fashion house, Loewe, to be the brand’s newest face.  The Loewe ad dropped Tuesday on and Cruz expresses her pride to be starring on the Spanish brand’s campaign:

“It’s a really, really Spanish brand. It has always taken inspiration from the Spanish tradition, Spanish culture and Spanish history. I’m really proud to be working with a brand where everything’s done here and almost everybody is Spanish.”

Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, art directed by Riccardo Ruini and styled by Joe McKenna, the ad was set at the Palacio Marqués de Villafranca in Madrid. In the ad, Cruz features Loewe’s Amazona bag, originally created in 1975 and also one bag from Loewe’s Paseo line.

Looks like a good start for the three-year deal between Cruz and Loewe. What do you think of the ad? We think Penelope looks gorgeous!

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Introducing New Shoedazzle Chief Stylist: Rachel Zoe

8eef623315cc5dab 682x1024 Introducing New Shoedazzle Chief Stylist: Rachel Zoe

Celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe is ShoeDazzle’s newest chief stylist. Company co-founder Brian Lee tapped Zoe to help take ShoeDazzle to the next step. About the collaboration, Lee said to WWD:

“It is really taking things to the next level in terms of elevating the brand of ShoeDazzle and some of the other offerings we are going to be having soon. I don’t think there is anybody else in the world who understands trend as well as Rachel. I think we are bringing in the very best, and I think that elevates the style aspect of ShoeDazzle.”

Looks like ShoeDazzle’s customers love Zoe as survey results show 50,000 of the site’s regulars are willing to take Zoe’s style advice.

Rachel Zoe is also excited about the appointment, and about the fact that she’s going to give out advice on how to look good on a budget:

“We really live by the same mantra that everybody can have style and be on trend, take chances and luxury can be affordable. You don’t have to have massive budgets to look great. Affordable luxury and fashion is something I wish I had more of when I was coming up in this business and just craving style, and all I really had were thrift shops.”

So, will you take Rachel’s style insights?

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Bobbi Brown Launches Its New Face: Katie Holmes

4251d39418859a56 Bobbi Brown Launches Its New Face: Katie Holmes

Back in September, we told you that Katie Holmes was in talks with cosmetics giant, Bobbi Brown, to become the brand’s first ever spokesperson. It was also said that Holmes wouldn’t only appear in print ads, she would also be collaborating with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in creating a color capsule collection for the fall/winter 2013 season.

About the line, Holmes said:

“I’m going to create a line for real women who want to look pretty and have it be easy. I will be watching over every woman as she buys her lipstick.”

Holmes will also be cashing in on the deal, as beauty industry insiders say that she will be paid around $2 – $3 million from the multi-year deal. Looks like she gets everything covered and won’t be needing Tom Cruise’s money. Girl power!

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Fashion Mogul Vittorio Missoni’s Plane Missing

767b41979b1b3ead Fashion Mogul Vittorio Missonis Plane Missing

It’s been a cloudy weekend for the Missoni clan, as the plane that carried Vittorio Missoni, commercial and marketing director for Missoni fashion house, has been missing since Friday in Venezuela. The plane took off from Los Rogues to its destination Maiquetia, but disappeared from radar after 10 nautical miles. The plane never arrived at its destination.

Aboard the small twin-engine airplane were Missoni, his wife Maurizia Castiglioni and their couple friends plus two crew members. Vittorio Missoni along with his siblings, Luca and Angela, owns the fashion house which was founded by their parents Ottavio and Rosita Missoni.

Angela Missoni told La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper:

“Our hope is that he is still alive. We want to hope because for us it is important.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Missoni family.


Wildfox Channels 1995′s “Clueless”

f8f979909acf40e2 Wildfox Channels 1995s Clueless

Are the 90s back? Or has it ever really left the fashion scene?  As true kids of the 90s, we have to go with the latter.  If you recall 1995′s blockbuster Clueless starring Alicia Silverstone, you’ll agree with us that the fashion items Cher wore back in the days are still relevant today.  L.A.-based clothing line, Wildfox is totally inspired by the movie and came out with its Spring 2013 collection, which is a homage to the legendary teenage movie.

Let’s talk no more and enjoy Wildfox’s take on the Amy Heckerling movie.

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a2b60dd210705ba71 Wildfox Channels 1995s Clueless

4861d66d6b925e0d Wildfox Channels 1995s Clueless

The new collection is appropriately titled “Kids in America,” bringing back the glorious 90′s elements, including specific details from Clueless such as phrases like “As If” and “Totally Bogus” printed on the t-shirts. The designer, Kimberley Gordon, told MTV Style:

“I have always wanted to express something creatively that is more than just fashion, it’s a feeling, a lifestyle, it’s about being a girl. It’s capturing a moment. I think I felt it first when I was about 12 around when Clueless came out and I was so in love with the characters, I didn’t just love the clothes, I loved the girls who wore the clothes – which made me want to wear them even more.”

For more Clueless-inspired look, head over to Wildfox now.

Are you loving the collection?

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