The Game and Young Jeezy Get Their Own XM Radio Show

young jeezy 237x300 The Game and Young Jeezy Get Their Own XM Radio Show

Damn their isn’t going to be any jobs left for us regular everyday folks, because celebrities are covering all grounds from books, fragrances, and satellite radio next thing you know they will be running for governor :).

XM will be releasing two new shows later this week. One show will feature West Coast rapper The Game and the other Down South’s Snowman Young Jeezy. Both will have their rotation of artist from their coast The Game will regularly rotate with Juice, Nu Jersey Devil and DJ Haze and the XM show will be called Black Wall Street Radio.

If you’re checking for The Game’s radio show it will air at 8pm Eastern Time every Friday beginning on June 6.

While Jeezy’s show will be called C.T.E. radio named after his record label with partner Kinky B will air at 6pm every Saturday with a regular rotation of artist off his roster including Blood Raw, Slick Pulla, Roccett, 211 and DJ Infamous.

Both Shows will air on Channel 66 XM radio for a hour long apiece featuring interviews from Flo-Rida, Ne-Yo, Jeffrey Osborne, Teyanna Taylor, Karina, Howard Hewitt and Quincy Jones.

The Dipset guys have their own radio show also, debuting on June 5 featuring rappers Jim Jones, Juelz Santana Duke Da God, Hell Rell, JR Writer, Freekey Zekey and 40 Cal on Eastern Time at 8pm.

I can hear Young Jeezy’s radio show right now a lot of ad lib’s and real street

Lil Jon Cranks Out Another Flavor of Crunk Juice Citrus! Yuck

lil jon crunk juice Lil Jon Cranks Out Another Flavor of Crunk Juice Citrus! Yuck

I don’t know, but all these energy drinks taste terrible and give u a kick for a few hours..maybe minutes and then your worst off than you were before hand.

Lil Jon is hoping to grab a bigger percentage of the energy drink market with the release of the new Citrus flavored Crunk Juice, which will hit stores this Summer. Maybe this flavor will have some FLAVOR.

Other than that what stores is this stuff really available in?

Along with the new flavor launch is a a new yellow & green can and Crunk has expanded its distribution and will be available in Los Angeles, North Carolina, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Lil Jon had the following to say about the new Crunk Juice flavor: (Read it in a Crunk Voice)

“We takin Crunk!!! to another level,” “Citrus is the best damn tasting energy drink you will ever have!” Source All Hip Hop

Besides the new Citrus flavored Crunk Lil Jon is planning the release of a Crunk!!! Girls of 2009 calendar. I can see it now icon smile Lil Jon Cranks Out Another Flavor of Crunk Juice Citrus! Yuck .

Find out where you can get your Crunk fix online.

Queen Latifah Perfume with Parlux Fragrance Release Date Fall 2009

queen latifah fragrance Queen Latifah Perfume with Parlux Fragrance Release Date Fall 2009

1,2,3-thousand celebrity fragrances are available so its only right that the Queen gets her crack at the fragrance business.

Queen Latifah and Parlux Fragrance are in the development stages of creating her own perfume to be released in Fall 2009. It will be the first product the Queen is behind other than her various beauty endorsements.

Queen had the following to say about the dollar signs she is soon to see from her fragrance deal:

“For me, beauty really does start on the inside,” Queen Latifah said in a news release. “It’s like a state of mind — a state of love, if you will. So, I see fragrance as just a natural expression of this state of love: Scent expresses a woman’s confidence and sensuality. It’s how she embraces her body, her mind and her strength.”

Kate Moss Dropped by Agent Provocateur Lingerie

I think its about time Kate hang up her model career..first YSL now Agent Provocateur. To add insult to injury she was replaced by Alice Dellal whom Perez Says is a:

“an unknown blonde socialite 14 years her junior.”

An insider at Agent Provocateur reports:

“Everyone is stunned. Kate’s shots were really well received, but bosses thought it was time to move on. They want a fresh new face and think they’ve found just the candidate in Alice.”

The culprit that stole the show is pictured below: ( She is 11 years younger than Kate…hmm Maybe they needed a fresh face)

alice dellal Kate Moss Dropped by Agent Provocateur Lingerie

Akademik Wants Ashanti Exclusively for ‘I Declare Me’ Limited T-shirts

ashanti album cover declaration Akademik Wants Ashanti Exclusively for I Declare Me Limited T shirts

Akademiks has teamed up with songstress Ashanti for the release of her new album The Declaration with a limited tee run for her ‘I Declare Me’ campaign.

What is I Declare Me Campaign? It is a campaign that takes a personal focus on the self-definition and the empowerment of women throughout the United States that will be accompanied by a virtual community created by the I Declare Me Campaign online. Women will be able to share their personal stories, breakthroughs, and revelations in every aspect of their life online safely with the community.

Ashanti said the following about the Akademiks collaboration:

“I believe in women’s empowerment and standing up for what you believe in,”

“‘I Declare Me’ is a campaign that addresses issues facing young people today such as voting, domestic violence, discrimination and eating disorders.

“I’m happy Akademiks has partnered with me on this project by creating the official ‘I Declare Me’ t-shirts,” she continues. “Get the shirt, wear the shirt and declare yourself, love yourself – ‘Declare Me’.”

Obviously Akademiks is content with the collaboration because it will work as a promotional tool and a good look in the publics eye for sponsoring such a cause as I Declare Me

Akademiks said the following about Ashanti and the collaboration:

“We truly admire Ashanti’s position on female empowerment and are excited to partner with her for a worthy cause”, says Byron Kirkland, Akademiks’ Director of Marketing. “As a brand we have committed ourselves to portraying women in a positive light and this partnership with Ashanti is a perfect fit.” Source Dr Jays Blog

Below are some graphic renderings of the I Declare Me t-shirt:

i declare me tshirt Akademik Wants Ashanti Exclusively for I Declare Me Limited T shirts

The shirt will be available online at Akademiks.