Angela Simmons Launches Her First Hairpiece Line: Bikini

c375854cef1528a8 Angela Simmons Launches Her First Hairpiece Line: Bikini

It’s been a long time since we heard from the entrepreneur sisters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons, who are also TV personalities and the daughters of Rev. Run of Run DMC. But in 2012, Angela Simmons apparently has her sights set high as she has partnered up with Indiqué Hair to release her first line of hair extensions called Bikini. Simmons stated:

“To me, hair is a statement and an extension of your wardrobe, and I’ve always been drawn to fashion and being able to change up my look. This partnership seemed natural, much like the naming of Bikini. A bikini is the staple piece during the hot summer months or while on vacation, and the name perfectly describes the beachy texture of my first hair line.”

Co-founder and Creative Director of Indiqué Hair, Ericka Dotson, said:

“We’ve always admired Angela’s fashion sense and ever-changing hairstyles, but it wasn’t until we worked with her one-on-one during the development of the product that we realized just how creative and business savvy she is.”

We can’t wait to see other styles offered by Indiqué and Angela Simmons for the Bikini Hairpiece Line. The full collection will arrive in stores on June 21. Additionally, get a hair piece, and you’ll automatically do a good deed as a portion of the proceeds will be donated to CancerCare.

Are you excited for Angela Simmons’ Bikini Hairpiece Line?

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Angela Simmons To Launch Her Own Clothing Line

Angela Simmons Angela Simmons To Launch Her Own Clothing Line

Daughter of Run DMC’s Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, half of the “Simmons Sisters”, Angela Simmons, who’s known to be a collaborator of Pastry Shoes, is said to be coming out with her own clothing line: Angela Renee.

We visited Juan Vargas’ website and found this:

Juan Vargas’ clientele include designing for Angela and Vanessa Simmons, singers Keri Hilson and Olivia, as well as for singer and actress Adrienne Bailion. Currently, Juan is Footwear and Fashion Designer for Pastry by Angela and Vanessa Simmons creating a versatile line of high-end apparel.

Okay so they are working together!

It’s said that the Angela Renee collection will be based by her designs and ideas. We can’t wait to see what it looks like or have we? The dress above, which Angie wore to the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, is apparently a sneak-peek collection from the Angela Renee collection! Word is, Ang has been wearing her own collection just to test out the response.

Well we know one thing: if the clothes continue to be as fab, Angela has got our vote!

Look out for Angela Renee Collection this upcoming Fall 2012.

Angela Simmons

Angela Diggy Simmons Charlo Angela SimmonsAngela Simmons, the ever beautiful celebrity entrepreneur, has unfortunately found herself in an unflattering dress for sure.  Yet the jewelry, handbag, and shoes kick serious style butt.  All the while, little bro Diggy is showing off some fly swagger all around.

Daddy’s Girls Season 3 Leak?

Vanessa Angela Turnover Daddys Girls Season 3 Leak?

We’ve posted a leaked video about Vanessa and Angela Simmons when they were in a meeting a couple of weeks back.  Rumor has it that it was taken from the upcoming Daddy’s Girls season3.  Although MTV had confirmed that Daddy’s Girls is going to be back for its third season, there’s still no confirmation about the leaked video.  But this gets interesting, though, because today we found out another leaked video.  Check it out.

Who fell?  What’s going to happen?  What kind of Pastry shoes are those?  What’s Vanessa’s sunglasses?

Well at least we can answer one question:

Vanessa was wearing the Sugar Pie Flat Top shades.  It’s on sale at DrJays, from $55 down to $33.99.  Very cute!

Pastry sunglasses sugar pie flat top 55 3399 Daddys Girls Season 3 Leak?

See more Pastry Shoes and clothing line by Vanessa and Angela Simmons!

Sweet As Pastry Shoes

The magic of the MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas hasn’t worn off yet. The celebrity designers Simmons sisters, Vanessa and Angela, or shall we say the beautiful brains behind Pastry Shoes and also stars of “Run’s House”, unveiled their newest collection.

vanessa angela pastry shoes magic vegas Sweet As Pastry Shoes

The shoes look very appetizing, don’t they? They’ll be hitting stores in fall/winter 2008. Let’s check out what they have in store now.

pastry shoe glam pie hitop espresso Sweet As Pastry Shoes

That’s my personal favorite: The Pastry Shoes Glam Pie Hitop in Espresso. Lovin’ the sassy old-school air. It reminds me of my first ever hi-top. Yeah, I was pretty fly back in the 90′s, LOL. But if you’re looking for a subtler runner -or just plain preppy at heart-, check these out. That Catholic-school-girl look would never be the same again.

pastry shoe sugar creme cake Sweet As Pastry Shoes

The Pastry Kicks “Sugar Creme Cake” runners are so sweet, my tooth aches! Designers are paying attention to the teeniest details (read: soles) nowadays. This could be the Louboutin of sneakers and everyone will start copying the patterns! I love love love them!

But for the ultra feminine ladies, you can still be a sweet pastry in these:

pastry shoes sweetpotatoballerina Sweet As Pastry Shoes

I think it’s Sweet Potato Ballerina is an understatement. I think these fabulous flats should be called “Supersweet Potato Ballerina”. To sum it up, let’s just say that a girl will always love summer!

To go crazier and get sugar high, visit Pastry Shoes.