Menswear in 2011: Which Celebrities Know Men Best?

So you think celebs only know how to make themselves look good? Wrong. Some celebrities actually have real knacks for fashion and by having clothing lines, they mean serious business. Anybody can try and dress a woman, but the truth is: dressing a man is a greater challenge. With lots of boundaries, menswear tend to be boring and uninspiring. But who are the celebs who know men best? Here they are in random order.

P. Diddy

 Menswear in 2011: Which Celebrities Know Men Best?

With his fashion line Sean John, P. Diddy is never joking when it comes to dressing men other than himself. The sleek lines of Sean John’s menswear ooze total masculinity and classic Americana touches that never go out of style. Embracing Diddy’s fashion spirit, Sean John dresses men like anybody should: manly. Here are two of our favorite piece from Sean John, available at

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Sean John Private First Class Jacket, was $99 now $50.99

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Sean John Cadet Jacket, was $89, now $53.99


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Yes Rocawear, who knew this clothing line owned by hip hop mogul, Jay-Z would dare to shed its hip hop skin and enter the realm where no hip hop clothing has boldly gone before: the mainstream. The label made such a smooth transition to the mainstream crowd and instead of losing fans, Rocawear garnered new fans from the other side. Why your man should wear Rocawear, Ladies? Because the brand defines casual in a stylish way. Just like Jay-Z. Here are our picks from Rocawear.

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Rocawear Pest Shirt, $64

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Rocawear Basic Short, $55


Russell Simmons

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The hip hop mogul knows more than a thing or two in male fashion. His lines Phat Farm and Argyle Culture have proven his legacy in men’s casual wear with a strong whiff of hip hop air. Not only menswear, Russell Simmons also manages his ex-wife’s clothing line: BabyPhat by Kimora Lee Simmons. Since Kimora’s departure from the brand not so long ago, Baby Phat is still going on strong and in fact stays as one of the strongest ladies streetwear line todate.


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Many people have doubted rapper T.I. when he decided to launch A King Of Oneself (AKOO) in 2008. Was it going to be another rapper ‘clothing line’ that won’t stand the test of time? Apparently AKOO made all doubts disappear when it still makes great sales even when T.I. is away in jail (the first time as well as the second). Recently the brand even dubbed rapper B.o.B. as its ambassador and as far as menswear is concerned, we strongly believe that AKOO has a great future in the industry.

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AKOO Macgregor Plaid Shirt $72

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AKOO Trail Map V-Neck Novelty Knit Shirt, $36

Justin Timberlake

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One of the most fashionable men in the entertainment business, Justin Timberlake HAS to live up to his reputation. And what better way to do it than start his own clothing line? Enter William Rast, a denim company which comes up with one of the finest cuts in men’s (and women’s) jeans ever. Get your own William Rast, gentlemen (and ladies) and agree with us.

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William Rast Keith Boot, available at


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The leading vocalist of U2 collaborated with his wife and the brilliant two came up with eco-friendly and politically correct clothing line “Edun”. We’re saying Bono knows best what hipster men wear on daily basis, because we’re in LOVE with the rocker look on Edun’s menswear lineup. Check Edun on Forward by Revolve and you’ll see what we mean.

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Edun Embroidered Long Sleeve in Indigo

Get your designer gear on, Gents. And Ladies, now you know which celebrity brand is great for your men. Dress ‘em up now!

That’s Rocawear And These Are Our Editor’s Picks!

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Summer is here and our friends at Rocawear launched the brand’s newest campaign now, bringing Rocawear closer to the masses.  Great news for us, Ladies, because if you’ve been thinking that Rocawear is a total urban and hip hop clothing brand, this year it’s moving closer to the mainstream.

Jay-Z, owner of Rocawear stated:

“We are a great American brand. We don’t envision ourselves as an urban brand or streetwear brand. We wanted to show people how we’ve evolved and repositioned ourselves, without abandoning our original DNA.”

Rocawear taps artists, musicians, poets and a troupe of fleet-footed double-dutch jumpers to show the brand’s evolution. Regarding the culture that is not anymore segmented, Jay-Z stated:

“It’s all walks of life. When I played the Glastonbury music festival people said a hip-hop artist couldn’t play a rock festival. But culture isn’t segmented like that any more. There’s so much cross-pollinization and the same thing is true for clothes.”

And here are our editors’ picks from Rocawear to brighten up your summer days:

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Forever Roc Romper, was $89, now $41.99

347f5a020ff8ffb5 Thats Rocawear And These Are Our Editors Picks!

Forever Roc Romper, Plus Size, was $79, now $30.99

Victoria Beckham to Launch Lower Priced Collection!

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Victoria Beckham to Launch Lower Priced Collection!

It’s no secret that the Victoria Beckham Collection designs are celebrity favorites. The line’s sleek pencil dresses, chic trousers and slinky silk blouses are on heavy rotation in some of our favorite style stars’ closets – and it doesn’t hurt that Posh Spice herself loves serving as her label’s best advertisement. Season after season, we drool from afar as Jennifer Hudson, Eva Mendes and Kate Winslet strut their perfectly polished selves down red carpets across the globe, all wearing pieces from the Victoria Beckham Collection. But according to some breaking fashion industry news, we won’t have to longingly admire Posh’s amazing designs from a distance anymore, because she’s set to launch a brand new, lower-priced label based on her wildly successful (and chic!) high-end line.

Called Victoria by Victoria Beckham, the more affordable line of dresses is set to launch in Spring 2012, and will encompass simple, comfortable silhouettes that are perfect for casual summer days or Fridays at the office. Victoria spoke to Woman’s Wear Daily about the exciting project and said she focused on creating, “the perfect little summer dress, something fun, something girly, something easy to wear, something that would take you from day through the night.” Based on the preview promotional photos we’ve seen, her new styles do exactly that, and will be flattering on a much wider range of body types than her original Victoria Beckham Collection pieces.

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After taking a look at her preliminary designs, we’re totally psyched for Victoria’s latest project, but don’t expect to see her lower-priced styles at your local Target or Macy’s. In fact, rumor is that prices will begin at around $500 – which seems steep, but is a steal compared to the price point of her original line. We think these new, slightly-more-affordable frocks will be great special occasion dresses, and even make great gifts for your most stylish best friends. What do you think of Posh’s latest designs? Will you consider buying a lower-priced Victoria Beckham creation when the line hits stores?

Kate Winslet Proves the Stars Love Victoria Beckham’s Collection!

cf81bc44599fcd8b3 Kate Winslet Proves the Stars Love Victoria Beckhams Collection!

Kate Winslet at the 2011 Yo Dona Awards

Who says an international pop star-turned multibillionaire athlete’s wife can’t become a blockbuster success in the fashion industry? Victoria Beckham continues to prove her naysayers wrong, parading A-lister after Oscar-winning A-lister down glamorous red carpets in her own designs. Most recently, Jennifer Hudson has taken to Victoria Beckham’s solid color, clingy frocks to highlight her newly toned bod, and we can think of a veritable never-ending list of style stars who consistently choose to wear Victoria Beckham’s line for their events and appearances. But when we spotted film, fashion and beauty icon Kate Winslet looking as elegant as ever in a long-sleeved, black Victoria Beckham Collection gown at the glamorous Yo Dona Awards, held at El Matadero in Madrid, Spain on Tuesday, June 21st, we knew Mrs. Beckham had finally cemented her place in fashion history. We though Kate looked amazing, so keep reading to discover just why we loved her look so much!

98edf5a7ded8e5bf e1309289396194 Kate Winslet Proves the Stars Love Victoria Beckhams Collection!

Kate has a perfect hourglass figure, so snug, stretchy styles always look fabulous on her. It’s no wonder why Victoria Beckham’s designs are such star favorites – they fit and flatter, and the stretch jersey material is perfect for international travel. Kate’s stunning pick featured a flattering boat neck, dramatic long sleeves and a fierce studded belt accent that added edge to an otherwise simple look. Kate accessorized her pitch-perfect frock with an elegant gold evening clutch by Judith Leiber, and completed her ensemble with a soft, feminine ponytail with plenty of sexy volume.

cf81bc44599fcd8b4 Kate Winslet Proves the Stars Love Victoria Beckhams Collection!

The secret to wearing a dramatic long-sleeved gown in a dark color without veering into Disney villain territory is to keep your hair, makeup and accessories fun and light. Kate knows exactly what works on her body, and opted to pair her amazing dress with frothy accessories and makeup. We adored her pretty ponytail, and encourage you to try a similar style this summer. Her sparkly, light pink lip color is a perfect pick for a summer soirée or wedding, so take a page out of Kate’s stylebook to avoid looking too severe in the summer heat!

The Simpson Sisters’ Stylish New Project

300px Ashlee  Jessica Simpson The Simpson Sisters’ Stylish New Project

The Simpson Sisters’ Stylish New Project

If you’re a frequent visitor, you know how much we adore Jessica Simpson. Not only is she a fearless fashion industry powerhouse, but she also happens to be our favorite champion of body confidence in all of Hollywood. The gal hails from Texas, and has always been proud of her larger than life heels, hair and curves. She’s a real woman who has certainly taken more than her fair share of punches in the press, and has never let a nasty headline define her. Instead, she uses her naysayers as motivation to grow her Jessica Simpson Collection empire, which continues to sell out season after season. But in all of our gushing over Jess, we almost forgot about her stylish sis, Ashlee, who captivated fans back in 2005 with mega hits like “Shadow” and “Pieces of Me.” Fortunately for lovers of fashion, the two gorgeous siblings are finally teaming up on a new fashion venture, which is slated to hit stores this fall.

The collaborative line will be an extension of the Jessica Simpson Collection brand, but will focus on tweens and teens. Jess and Ash will serve as co-creative directors on the project, and this marks their very first collaboration on a fashion line. Whether the collection will have a separate name separating it from Jessica’s mainstream label is still unknown, but one thing is for sure – both women are excited to finally be working together. In fact, they are voraciously defending their new gig, even in the face of particularly mean industry insiders who are claiming Ashlee just wants a piece of the “Jessica Simpson Collection pie.” Maybe we’re biased, but we love the stylish sisters, and agree with Jess when she told Women’s Wear Daily, “I’m excited to bring my sister, Ashlee, along as co-creative director of this division, because she brings a savvy rocker edge that defines today’s tweens.”

tween05 e1307549657741 The Simpson Sisters’ Stylish New Project

The tween line of apparel and accessories is slated to include everything from sportswear and active wear, to denim and shrunken knits, all laced with the Simpson sisters’ signature stylish edge. We’re no tweens, but we’re actually interested in checking out the finished products when they hit department stores in a few months. What about you?