Golden Globes 2012: Beige Edition

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As with any celebrity award event you have the drop dead beautifully dressed and the unfortunately dressed. This is list of the latter from this year’s Golden Globe Awards, and I blame the nude hue or what some call the “non-color” for washing out these otherwise gorgeous celebrities. It also brings back memories from back in the day when crayolas came with a “flesh” colored crayon, it was my most loathed color (it reminds me of band-aids).

Maybe it’s a new trend for celebrities to try to detract attention from themselves and this neutral color helps them disappear into the background. Sadly, this trend seemed to attach itself to some favored celebrities.

Heidi Klum, although, the necklace helps break up the boring expanse of beige:

d8bdf51c85270970 Golden Globes 2012: Beige EditionOh, Emily Watson you’ve made me cry my eyes out in Breaking the Waves and now this dress is having the same effect:

c496846b1598e26f Golden Globes 2012: Beige EditionJulie Bowen, you can do much better, although I kinda dig the retro hair:

82fb1e8a2f3f241b Golden Globes 2012: Beige EditionI love Kristen Wiig’s hair and makeup – the dress fits her well, but it would be much more enticing in a jewel tone:

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If you want to see how vivacious a brilliant color can add, just take a look at the exquisite Dame Helen Mirren in royal blue:

a092529e6b7f47811 Golden Globes 2012: Beige EditionThe upside of trends is that they eventually die out, although, I’m still waiting on jeggings.

Heidi Klum Looked Trendy in Flared Jeans

6775332871b313b3 Heidi Klum Looked Trendy in Flared Jeans

Heidi Klum looked trendy in flared jeans

These days, a slew of stylish celebrities flaunt their own interpretation of seventies style bell bottoms. Kim Kardashian was recently spotted wearing stunning retro pants as she enjoyed a much-needed day out in the park. Earlier today, Jessica Alba was photographed wearing a fabulous pair of 70s-style bell bottoms while running errands in Los Angeles. She showed it off in an eye-catching blouse, which was stylishly unbuttoned at the top. But Heidi Klum took the flared jeans look rather too far as she was recently snapped wearing a very wide pair of bloomers.

1069b8de89f59781 Heidi Klum Looked Trendy in Flared Jeans

The 38-year-old supermodel donned a pair of massive trousers as she took her daughters, Leni and Lou, to a ballet class in West Hollywood earlier today. As she trotted in the streets of Brentwood, Los Angeles, she flaunted the eccentric style and made sure she wouldn’t stumble on the road. She teamed the gigantic pants with lavender-hued top, black shoes and dark-colored plaid jacket. She accented the vintage-looking outfit with a standout necklace, classy bracelet and trendy handbag. She opted for simple hairstyle and very light makeup.

Heidi and her husband Seal enjoyed a holiday with their children in Aspen, Colorado over the festive season. She managed to look rather more gorgeous as she hit the slopes in an all black ensemble.

18e12e7ec65fd31f Heidi Klum Looked Trendy in Flared Jeans

In a recent interview, the lovely model admitted that she loves to experiment with different styles. She enthused: “Fashion is always fun, interesting, new and different. I love to get dressed in unusual things.” She added: “I’m not scared – when I go on the red carpet, I always wear what my gut tells me, not what people say you should wear in order to be safe. I experiment with clothes – I love clothes.”

Plushy Heidi Klum Goes Shopping With Her Little Girls

6775332871b313b3 Plushy Heidi Klum Goes Shopping With Her Little Girls

Plushy Heidi Klum goes shopping with her little girls

Shopping is one of the most exciting activities during weekends. Given the Thanksgiving festive mood, it is also the best way to spend time with loved ones. Like Heidi Klum, she took her girls out with her to an up market boutique St. John in Beverly Hills and it seemed that they literally shopped until they dropped. But as the threesome left the store, her little daughter Lou had to be carried out of the place by her mother. Consequently, Heidi was photographed carrying Lou with seven-year-old Leni who gave her a hand.

18e12e7ec65fd31f Plushy Heidi Klum Goes Shopping With Her Little Girls

The Project Runway host managed to wear a stylishly striking ensemble for the shopping spree with the kids. She wore a wacky black coat that is reminiscent of a hairdresser’s cape. She completed the uncanny look with a leopard print beanie and a pair of trendy bright red high-tops. She didn’t exuded glamour on the shopping trip but flaunted a sense of style by means of flashing her manicured ruby red nails and the chic Birkin bag carried by her seven-year-old daughter.

1069b8de89f59781 Plushy Heidi Klum Goes Shopping With Her Little Girls

The doting husband of Heidi, Seal, recently opens up that the couple is planning to adopt another child. The decision emerged lately as they were inspired by their friend Sandra Bullock. He explained: “I was really inspired by Sandra Bullock, who we’ve become friends with. She came round with her adopted son and she’s raising a little boy by herself.” He added: “She’s giving him a chance, but he doesn’t know it yet, which is just awesome. We’ve talked about adopting. I’ve no idea where we’d adopt from but I think we will one day – just not yet.”

Heidi Klum Sizzled in a Delightful Holiday at Pumpkin Patch

dd41b85b5ff50d2a Heidi Klum Sizzled in a Delightful Holiday at Pumpkin Patch

Heidi Klum sizzled in a delightful holiday at pumpkin patch

Heidi Klum is one of our favorite Halloween sweethearts with her remarkable costumes and famed star-studded parties. We loved her yearly all out Halloween fun display and candid interpretation of the popular holiday.

18e12e7ec65fd31f Heidi Klum Sizzled in a Delightful Holiday at Pumpkin Patch

But the ever glamorous supermodel looked different in a “work mixed with pleasure” gig at a Mr. Bones pumpkin patch in Los Angeles. She was snapped beaming as she got herself dirty in the pumpkin bash for her new AOL show. Miss Klum and the AOL network recently launched a partnership to make exclusive original programming focused on beauty, fashion, parenting, arts and crafts, relationships and lifestyle.

The 36-year-old Victoria’s Secret model showed off her kooky holiday spirit earlier today by enjoying a traditional pumpkin carving, complete with an ultra fabulous ensemble. Wearing a pair of animal print leggings, she flaunted her long legs which she recently insured for $2 million. She teamed the outfit with an over-sized light grey printed tunic and a pair of bluish mid-length boots.

The supermodel seriously paraded her glamorous day out style by using impressive accessories, sleek hairstyle and simple makeup. To perfect her dazzling look, she stylishly tied her blonde tresses in a bun with interesting trimmings and highlighted it with the flashy dangling earrings.

1069b8de89f59781 Heidi Klum Sizzled in a Delightful Holiday at Pumpkin Patch

The pretty German model turned the show into a real Halloween fun. She created many scary designs in the giant pumpkins and enjoyed posing with them. Perching the carved-out tops on her head, the supermodel frolics in front of the camera. The famed fashion personality was also photographed sipping a bottle of Coca Cola while she had her makeup re-touched. She was also spotted familiarizing her lines from an iPad.

Heidi Klum Donned A Lovely Animal Print Frock at Perfume Launch

cd51c9bc3c5db5781 Heidi Klum Donned A Lovely Animal Print Frock at Perfume Launch

Heidi Klum donned a lovely animal print frock at her perfume launch

Heidi Klum is the stunning television host of Project Runway show and one of the world’s most well known supermodels. We think it is expected that people would want to look and smell like Heidi, and now that she has launched her very first fragrance named Shine, we all have the chance to try it.

d1a408ee9477913a Heidi Klum Donned A Lovely Animal Print Frock at Perfume Launch

The 38-year-old supermodel premiered her own fragrance line yesterday at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California.Heidi looked eye-catching and radiant in a form-fitting snow-leopard print dress as she posed by the hotel pool with a huge replica of her fragrance bottle. She teamed the classy and stylish frock with black stilettos, light makeup, fewer accessories and a stunning wavy hairdo.

In an interview with representatives at the event, Klum disclosed about what inspired the perfume venture stating it originated from childhood memories of picking lilies of the valley in her native Germany. Obviously pleased with the amazing turnout of the event, she also admitted to the website that she asked the approval of her husband Seal, which of course was granted.

3e41d67d5461196c Heidi Klum Donned A Lovely Animal Print Frock at Perfume Launch

The German supermodel opens up on her flashy lifestyle, which has gone to great lengths by her move to have her lovely set of pins insured for a whopping $2 million. Modeling is her number one source of income so we think it is just natural for her to protect her legs. She told Extra TV: “I didn’t personally have them insured, but a client of mine did. Basically, I was in London, and I had to go to this place where they check out your leg. They would look at them and I had one scar here from when I fell on a glass, so this (left leg) isn’t as pricey and this (right) one.”