Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Gorgeous Dress Down Style

We love Jennifer Love Hewitt’s figure-hugging outfits. She is skillful at complementing her assets and showcasing her sophisticated beauty. With her curvaceous figure and pretty face, fashion lovers around the world notice her fashion flamboyance. No wonder she has remained one of our favorite trendsetters in the fashion industry.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt dons yellow trousers and baggy white shirt

However, Jennifer recently showed off her dressed-down look. The style is casual, but thoughtfully chosen shown since she chose warm colors to complement her skin tone. Even though her attire is a little dowdy, she was able to create an overall look that made her look charming.

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The 33-year-old actress donned a white T-shirt and a pair of baggy, yellow trousers as she stepped out in Studio City, Los Angeles. She teamed the super casual clothing with a pair of sunglasses and stylish shoes. She also had her hair pulled back into a high ponytail and opted for very light makeup. The lovely star finished off her frumpy look with a chic handbag.

We remember that the fashion lover showed off a stunning ensemble in Los Angeles last week. She was spotted stepping out in a bright red dress paired with towering-heeled shoes. She completed the look with her wavy tresses freely cascading around her shoulders.

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The actress recently informed her fans through Twitter that she was feeling down. Perhaps she decided to cheer herself up by having a tasty frozen yogurt snack since she left Pinkberry with a medium-sized dessert.

Jennifer told her Twitter followers that she was sad. She wrote:

“I am down. Really hurt by all the people who judge me, write mean things, rumors etc. It’s so hurtful. Its hard to keep your head up.”

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Natural Beauty at Lunch With Mom

In The Client List, Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the role of a fashionable lady. The well-known television show features the lovely star as a vampy former beauty queen with a distinct style and endearing personality. No wonder she has proven her impressive fashion know-how on the show.

164350f52dc65448 Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Natural Beauty at Lunch With Mom

Jennifer Love Hewitt no makeup look and simple outfit

Earlier today, the 33-year-old actress slowed down a bit on her fabulous style routine and went out for lunch with her mother displaying a carefree look. She was spotted wearing no makeup and wearing simple attire. She looked casual but still stunning as she headed out for lunch with her mother, Patricia, in Burbank, California.

b3669a0ccbd9c14e Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Natural Beauty at Lunch With Mom

The American beauty wore jeans, a pair of black boots, and a flowing pink top. She emphasized the simple look with chic bracelets and a black handbag. Even with her low key style, she still managed to look modish. Her outfit perfectly matched her mother’s ensemble, a full black dress with black footwear and a pair of funky, white-rimmed sunglasses.

44837abe59ba9173 Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Natural Beauty at Lunch With Mom

On Saturday, the charming fashionista was photographed outside a lingerie boutique in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles. Her marvelous figure nearly went unnoticed as she left a lingerie shop carrying a gigantic bag that covered her curves. She wore a loose fitting, multi-hued mini dress paired with short brown boots. She finished off the look with a ponytail and appealing accessories.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Gorgeous Casual Ensemble

0a3a56da1b8634ce Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Gorgeous Casual Ensemble

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s gorgeous casual ensemble

In the world of fashion, Jennifer Love Hewitt is considered one of the top tastemakers. The lovely star’s terrific sense of style is very inspiring, especially her flair on wearing casual ensembles. However, she was also spotted sporting show-stopping, colorful body con dresses teamed with sky-high pumps. Jennifer recently showed off her enviable curves in a red body-hugging frock that transformed her into a very gorgeous fashionista.

8a11929fad33f1ad Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Gorgeous Casual Ensemble

Earlier today, the 33-year-old beauty has raised the style ante by wearing sexy casual attire. She looked glamorous as she filmed scenes for the Hollywood series by wearing jeans and an off-shoulder jumper. She looked subtly smoldering in a way to convey the daily nature of her character’s transition or just flaunt her inner beauty and fashion flair.

With her all-dolled-up style, Jennifer accented it with standout accessories and on-trend makeup. She perfectly upped the glamour by wearing a pair of huge earrings. To give emphasis on her curvy figure, she wore a pair of brown heeled shoes. The soft tumbling curls cascading down her shoulders completed the fabulous look.

In The Client List, Miss Hewitt’s character is an ordinary masseuse who makes her fortune after finding out that giving extra pays handsomely. The television series, quite understandably, has drawn numerous complaints from legitimate massage therapy workers.

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In a recent interview, the American actress spoke about the criticism. She enthused, “I feel badly that they feel offended, but I respect that people need to say what they need to say. I tried to make a joke on Twitter that I wondered why people were not writing to Dexter about killing people or to Nurse Jackie about taking drugs on the job.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Stylishly Celebrates Birthday on the Set of “The Client List”

0a3a56da1b8634ce Jennifer Love Hewitt Stylishly Celebrates Birthday on the Set of “The Client List”

Jennifer Love Hewitt stylishly celebrates birthday on the set of “The Client List."

Jennifer Love Hewitt is one of our favorite style trendsetters because of her chic and flirty ensembles. The pretty singer has showcased several outfits in the past that inspired style watchers from all corners of the world. However, she remarkably showed off a standout outfit which reflected her simple and relaxed style during her 33rd birthday celebration. The attire is flawlessly put together by the irresistibly stunning birthday girl.

8a11929fad33f1ad Jennifer Love Hewitt Stylishly Celebrates Birthday on the Set of “The Client List”

The curly haired beauty seemed to be in great spirits despite her busy schedule. Celebrating her birthday on the set of her upcoming television show, The Client List, she chose to wear fantastic set of clothes with unfussy vibe.

The brunette beauty wore a floaty white top ornamented with silver beads which she teamed with a pair of charcoal skinny jeans. To highlight the minimalist look, she accented it with a pair of grey peep toe high heels, a massive handbag and modish bracelets. Her brunette locks framed her face in soft waves which only added to her natural and appealing look as she made the most of the sunny weather on her birthday. She finished off the style by clutching a huge bunch of helium balloons in every color of the rainbow.

b7648fcc2bc46aa3 Jennifer Love Hewitt Stylishly Celebrates Birthday on the Set of “The Client List”

Jennifer should undoubtedly be at ease on the set of the upcoming TV series as she is reprising her role after playing a similar character, although of a different name, in the television movie of the same title. The star plays as a former beauty queen working in a massage parlor that offers a little more than shiatsu in the sultry new show, which airs in March on U.S. channel Lifetime.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Recently Rocks a Kim Kardashian Look

53f5e6120beebee0 Jennifer Love Hewitt Recently Rocks a Kim Kardashian Look

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently rocks a Kim Kardashian look.

Kim Kardashian’s status as a trendsetter is not only known across the globe. It has reached the radar of the entertainment industry’s crème of the crop, including famous celebrities who aren’t close to the reality television show vixen.

c0eddb6923db3b69 Jennifer Love Hewitt Recently Rocks a Kim Kardashian Look

Enter Jennifer Love Hewitt. We think she is trying to keep up with the Kardashians. She recently posted a photo of herself wearing an androgynous outfit that looked prominently similar to an outfit worn by Kim. She donned a flouncy white shirt paired with a fashionable bow tie. To complement the plain-looking style, she completed the attire with bright red lipstick on her lips and chic black-rimmed glasses. Even her chestnut tresses appeared to be a darker shade, but this may well be the effect of the Instagram application, which helps users change the look of their amateur images.

The 32-year-old star, who recently reconciled with handsome beau Jarod Einsohn, seemed to enjoy taking a picture of her newfound look. Last week, she took to Twitter to share the gorgeous style. She posted: “I’m fancy cause I wear bowties and glasses! Lol!;)”

The formal clothing was in harsh contrast to the modest looking ensemble she flaunted while in the Big Apple on December 20. Wearing a simple blouse, gray knee-length coat, fashionable beanie and jeans, the American actress enjoyed a shopping spree in New York before Christmas.

487924b806337323 Jennifer Love Hewitt Recently Rocks a Kim Kardashian Look

In a related news, Kim Kardashian kicked off the tuxedo trend last month when she turned up to watch her brother, Rob, wow the Dancing with the Stars judges in the suited and booted gear. She then repeated the look for the Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card portrait taken by photographer Nick Saglimbeni. In fact, her whole family embraced the sophisticated black tie look for the heavily stylized shoot.