Bobbi Brown Launches Its New Face: Katie Holmes

4251d39418859a56 Bobbi Brown Launches Its New Face: Katie Holmes

Back in September, we told you that Katie Holmes was in talks with cosmetics giant, Bobbi Brown, to become the brand’s first ever spokesperson. It was also said that Holmes wouldn’t only appear in print ads, she would also be collaborating with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in creating a color capsule collection for the fall/winter 2013 season.

About the line, Holmes said:

“I’m going to create a line for real women who want to look pretty and have it be easy. I will be watching over every woman as she buys her lipstick.”

Holmes will also be cashing in on the deal, as beauty industry insiders say that she will be paid around $2 – $3 million from the multi-year deal. Looks like she gets everything covered and won’t be needing Tom Cruise’s money. Girl power!

Image: Bobbi Brown 

 Bobbi Brown Launches Its New Face: Katie Holmes
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