The Perfume for Strong Women: Demi Moore for Oriflame

 The Perfume for Strong Women: Demi Moore for Oriflame


Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher might be over, but she still has something to be happy about. The Hollywood actress has taken Sweden by storm. She was tapped by Swedish cosmetic company, Oriflame, to collaborate with them to create a perfume dedicated to strong, successful women. Oriflame believes that Moore projects the image flawlessly.

The perfume titled “More” by Demi, is one of the brand’s most premium collections, and there will be more than just perfume. The line will also consist of a selection of exquisite make-up, elegant accessories and jewelry, created especially for modern women.

Moore expressed her excitement about the collaboration:

“It was so exciting to team up with Oriflame and together we’ve created indulgent beauty products and on-trend sophisticated accessories that every woman will adore. As an actress, I absolutely loved playing the fairy tale characters and hope that women everywhere can be the star of their own fairy tale!”

“More by Demi” collection was launched back in October 2012, but will continue releasing new products up to January 2013.

 The Perfume for Strong Women: Demi Moore for Oriflame
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