Kim Kardashian Dons Platinum Blonde Wig

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Kim Kardashian dons platinum blonde wig

It seemed that Kim Kardashian wants to keep up with her former close friend, Paris Hilton. She decided to have an interesting street fashion show as she stepped out in Los Angeles today. The lovely fashionista, who is also one of the most photographed celebrities, attracted attention as she sported a platinum blonde wig after a trip to a hair shop with her friend. Incidentally, the eccentric hairstyle is also a favorite look of Paris Hilton.

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The 31-year-old reality television vixen seemed pleased with her new look as she made her way to her car. She wore a modish patterned dress along with a black blazer. To highlight her eccentric-looking style, she has slipped on a pair of towering heeled shoes. She emphasized the look with her gleaming accessories and signature makeup that perfectly matched her flawless complexion. The massive black bag completed Kim’s voguish look.

The star was out in her home town of Calabasas with older sister Kourtney, nephew Mason, and her beloved mother and manager Kris Jenner. The group enjoyed brunch at Marmalade Cafe following a visit to church.

However, Kim’s outfit hardly looked appropriate for the religious service. Kim sported a two-in-one dress which looked like a bodice top underneath a leopard print skirt. The cleavage-bearing and thigh-skimming frock looked especially more flirty and daring as she peeled back her cropped jacket to get stuck into a spot of retail therapy on Calabasas Commons.

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In eye-catching high heels and with her hair scraped back into a pony tail, Kim was an extremely chic aunt as she gave her 32-year-old sibling a break from carrying her 2-year-old son around.

 Kim Kardashian Dons Platinum Blonde Wig

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 Kim Kardashian Dons Platinum Blonde Wig

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