Dorothy’s Dress from the Wizard of Oz Sold for $480,000!

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Looks like Dorothy had more to do than just click her heels to go to Tinseltown and sell her pinafore dress for hundreds and thousands of dollars!

When she starred as Dorothy in the The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland must not be aware that her iconic blue gingham dress would sell for close to $500,000 many many years later.

Last weekend, the dress managed to fetch $480,000 at Julien’s Auction in Beverly Hills. It’s not the only lot, as many of iconic movie memorabilia were also up for bid. Jaclyn Smith’s dress from the original Charlie’s Angels TV series was sold for $15,000 and Marilyn Monroe’s purple skirt from the movie River of No Return fetched $50,000.

Dorothy’s dress was the most expensive item of the auction; beating Julie Andrews’ The Sound of Music dress, which was sold for $38,000.

It’s down to this question: who was the collector? He or she must love the movie enough to shell out that kind of money!

 Dorothys Dress from the Wizard of Oz Sold for $480,000!
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