Winter Fashion: Jessica Alba’s Layered London Look!

Jessica Alba is in London, and to brave the chill, the California Girl has been wrapping herself up in layered clothing all week. But instead of looking dowdy, the Fantastic Four actress effortlessly merges cold-weather, bunched-up and street-chic styles.

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Tip on how to be chic despite the chill: Copy Jessica’s look.

Cover up with a navy blue jacket and loose-fitting black trousers.

Leave your hair loose, but wear a gray faux-fur hat and gray fingerless gloves.

Slip on a pair of shiny black ankle boots. Wrap a black scarf around your neck. Paint your nails with glossy black polish.

Dab your lips with a kiss of strawberry-red lipstick. Grab your gray suede bag and go.

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Jessica Alba has been consistently street-chic in London in this wintry weather.  Keeping warm against the cold can go hand in hand with keeping fashionable. Lesson of the day.

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