Amanda Seyfried’s Admirable Fashion Resilience

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Amanda Seyfried’s admirable fashion resilience

There is no way to stop Amanda Seyfried in her innate nature to look stunning in every outfit she slips on. A few days ago, she has shown her toned pair of pins by wearing tiny shorts and matching top in a day out with friends and her dog, Australian shepherd named Finn. The other day, she attended the UK film premiere of her movie, In Time, sporting a gorgeous outfit – electric blue shorts paired with black inside blouse and sky-high heels. But she audaciously faced the red carpet wardrobe malfunction she experienced at Berlin’s In Time photo call yesterday. Thankfully, she regained her “fashion grandeur” when she appeared in Madrid to promote the movie with handsome co-star Justin Timberlake today.

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The 25-year-old star looked tastefully dazzling in a sultry ensemble which showed off her shapely legs. She donned a printed short dress with a seductive slit up on one thigh. The lovely actress looked great at the Villamagna Hotel in Madrid today when she opted for less revealing attire – an intricately designed frock with high neckline and colorful print. She teamed the remarkable style with a pair of towering heels. To make the look match with the glamorous occasion, she chose to tone down her makeup and simply styled her long, blonde tresses with curly ends.

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The movie is a futuristic sci-fi thriller directed by The Truman Show’s Andrew Niccol. Most of the characters in the film are bound to stop aging at 25 years old and will only live one more year afterwards. In the film, “time” is literally considered as currency wherein only the rich and powerful can afford to purchase it and extend their lives. Amanda’s co-star Justin plays poor Will Salas who is wrongly accused of murder and pinching “time” from the victim.

 Amanda Seyfried’s Admirable Fashion Resilience

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 Amanda Seyfried’s Admirable Fashion Resilience

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