Eva Longoria Jet Skis in Couture!

Antonio Berardi Eva Longoria Jet Skis in Couture!












As if we needed another reason to fall deeper in love with adorable Eva Longoria, we recently spotted her on vacation in Miami with hunky beau Eduardo Cruz. The petite star proved once again that she isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill Hollywood diva who’s afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, we caught her unexpectedly hopping on a jet ski in a gorgeous Antonio Berardi Spring 2011 design. Eva’s bold fashion sacrifice in the name of vacation fun makes us feel a little wimpy for refusing to go outside the day we get our hair colored. If Eva can play water sports in couture, we can take one for the team, too! Keep reading for a few fun photos, and discover how you can snag a similar look.

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From the photos, it looks like Eva was relaxing waterside, reading on her iPad and donning a gorgeous fuchsia pink creation with cascading three-dimensional petals. It didn’t look like she had any plans to get in the water, only to watch her handsome man play around on the jet skis. But once she saw how much fun he was having, she wanted to get in on the action, too! A lesser woman might have chickened out in such a pretty dress and ran back to her hotel to change, but not our girl Eva. She dropped her iPad and hopped right on the back of her beau’s jet ski, cascading petal details and all!

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Wet or dry, we think a similar dress would be adorable on a wide range of figures. We adore the bright pink hue, especially since different shades of fuchsia are everywhere this season. Look for similar colors in everything from bikinis to cocktail dresses at your favorite store for a little Eva style of your own.

We love the feminine shape of Eva’s frock, especially the ladylike cinching at the waist. A dress like this one doesn’t even need a belt or any bold accessories other than your own confidence. We love this look on Eva, but if you’re planning a similar trip, try to remember to get changed before hopping into the water!

 Eva Longoria Jet Skis in Couture!
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 Eva Longoria Jet Skis in Couture!

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