Gloomy Emma Watson Opens Up 0n Celebrity Life

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Emma Watson opens up on celebrity life

Like Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson is also a famous actress with impressive style and beauty. Both are also considered hot items in the looks department and entertainment world because they possess remarkable features and endearing talent. Earlier today, Emma looked gloomy as she arrived at Heathrow Airport, a look that resembles the Twilightstar known for her slightly moody expressions.

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The Harry Potter star was photographed at the busy Heathrow Airport with an unusual style and moody expression, with eyes fixed on the floor. Unmindful of the sweltering weather in London, Emma opted for an enormous black jumper, which covered her slender figure. She paired the outfit with huge leather boots, skinny jeans and a large black studded handbag which draped on her shoulder. With her chopped tresses, light makeup and dark sunglasses the prominent model exuded an impression of mysteriousness. Keeping every inch of skin covered, she seemed indifferent to the temperatures outside the airport and remained in a stern face, worlds away from her usual cheerful demeanor.

The 21-year-old beauty recently opens up on her celebrity life. She insisted that she has her head well screwed on her shoulders despite the fame and fortune she enjoyed these days. She told the November issue of Elle: “Sometimes I feel as though everyone’s waiting with baited breath for the three of us from Harry Potter to do something that will perpetuate the child-star stereotype. I don’t know if I’m the least likely person to go off the rails, but I don’t see any need to. It’s not on my agenda.”

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The English actress also talked about her interest in alcohol. She said: “I’m not that much of a lightweight. My dad’s great hobby is wine, so it’s always been part of our family life.”

 Gloomy Emma Watson Opens Up 0n Celebrity Life

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 Gloomy Emma Watson Opens Up 0n Celebrity Life

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