How NOT to Wear Sheer Fashion: Cher’s Spanish Wardrobe Malfunction

Cher Burlesque Madrid Premiere Photo SPX 040987 How NOT to Wear Sheer Fashion: Chers Spanish Wardrobe Malfunction

The holiday time premiere of Sony Pictures’ glittery hit Burlesque has supplied lovers of glitzy fashion with plenty of inspiration for those New Year’s Eve parties coming up. We already reported on the fabulous layered peals, cutout dresses and sequin costumes featured in the film – and just how to make the seemingly outrageous looks work in your own wardrobe. With a little twist of sophistication, those trends can actually look appropriately stylish – even for the office!

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One look we are NOT condoning, however, is the one Cher herself recently donned at the film’s Spain premiere in Madrid just this week. We get it – with all her success – whom does Cher need to impress? She doesn’t owe fashion critics a thing, and is free to wear whatever she’d like – but her racy look in Madrid may have crossed the line. I’m sure photographers weren’t prepared to snap THAT much of the star in her too-sheer-for-the-public blouse and bra.

Sheer fashion is actually very on-trend right now, if done the right way. A filmy blouse or sheer cardigan can actually be super feminine and chic – as long as you choose the right under garments! Unfortunately, Cher went too sheer with her top and her under-things – and accidentally (or not?) left little for our imaginations. Below, check out the Madrid premiere photos and learn how not to make the same wardrobe mistake!

Cher’s sequined skirt is beautiful – and her jacket with fur lapels is stunning – it’s actually a wearable look for anyone this winter. Her choice of top under her fierce blazer is where the star goes woefully wrong. If you’d like a similar look for a fancy night out, remember to choose lingerie with enough coverage, especially if your top or dress is purposefully sheer. If only Cher had gone with a totally opaque bra, this look would be more stylish and less garish. What do you think of this look? Was it too racy for the cameras – or perfectly appropriate for the Burlesque premiere overseas? Let’s just hope that next time, our favorite style icon leaves her nude scenes for the big screen!

 How NOT to Wear Sheer Fashion: Chers Spanish Wardrobe Malfunction
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 How NOT to Wear Sheer Fashion: Chers Spanish Wardrobe Malfunction

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