Lady (Gaga) in Mourning?

Lady+Gaga+2011+Consumer+Electronics+Show+Showcases+N168ZgkEWv2l Lady (Gaga) in Mourning?

We can’t believe we’re actually saying this – and we’re pretty sure the stylish powers that be will revoke our fashion expert cards and permanently erase our names from the record books, but Lady Gaga looked pretty and polished at the recent Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show! Read on for more photos and the details about her shockingly conservative ensemble.

The Consumer Electronics Show is a giant convention of everything new in the world of technology for the upcoming year. It’s neat because, unlike most other industry trade shows, everyday customers are encouraged to attend, try new gadgets – and even purchase certain not-yet-released items. We’re still not exactly sure why Lady Gaga was making the rounds at the show – maybe she has a remote controlled dress planned for the Grammys? – but whatever the reason, our jaws dropped when we caught the photos.

Lady+Gaga+2011+Consumer+Electronics+Show+Showcases+aaZFU0jfNkil Lady (Gaga) in Mourning?

Her floor-length, solid black Sally LaPointe dress had a business-conservative vibe, and looked more like something Michelle Obama would wear to a political dinner, than something our favorite meat-wearing fashionista would choose for a trade show. In fact, the dress’s cinched waist and elbow-length sleeves drew attention to the fact that Gaga actually has a gorgeous and feminine shape – something we’d never noticed before, thanks to her tendency to pile on crazy (and sometimes edible!) accessories.

Before we gush anymore about the dress, can we take a moment to discuss the widow-esque black veil? Of course, it’s a little “Halloween costume chic,” but without at least one head-scratching accessory, we might not have even known that this was the “Bad Romance” singer, after all!

This look just shows us all that sometimes, even the most outrageous fashion risk taker looks best in a little (or long) black dress. We’d never expect something so pretty from Lady Gaga, but she looked hot! We are officially holding judgment on her style until we see more flattering fashion choices. The dress was jet black, but you can officially color us surprised!

 Lady (Gaga) in Mourning?
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 Lady (Gaga) in Mourning?

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