Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

2009 is almost over and this is the time to look back at the year’s most memorable fashion icons.  From the elegant bunch to the simply silly, these are celebrities who made fashion statements in their own way.  Celebrity Clothing Line presents… you 2009 Fashion Icons.


Rihanna 01 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

Good girl turn bad?  Maybe, but seeing how she revamped her image after the Chris Brown incident, Rihanna seems to want to scream to the world: “I’m one tough lady!”  But does it really work with her hairdo and edgy clothes?  Or does it just make her look more like… err… Prince?


Beyonce 01 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

We still can’t understand which part of this Thierry Mugler show leotard is flattering.  If anything, it makes Beyonce look 10 pounds heavier.  But then, fans seem to like it, Bey seems to be comfortable in it -remember, she’s the one who started the leotard fever through her “Single Ladies” video.  To sum up, looks like Beyonce spent most of 2009 in her leotards.  We just wished she’d spend more time wearing her Dereon line.


Cassie 01 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

Now, we’re not really sure why she did this (some say she’s inspired by Rihanna, although we think it’s the other way around…), but when Cassie shaved half her head, let’s say she inspired other girls to do it too.  The last one to ‘swagger jack’ Cassie was Will Smith’s daughter, Willow.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

It’s unclear who inspired who, but it looks like Lady Gaga has also jumped on the leotard-loving wagon along with Beyonce and Rihanna.  But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t got swagger of her own.  No matter how outrageous, Lady Gaga always know how to steal the spotlight with her daring choices of fashion!

Kanye West and Amber Rose

Kanye Amber 01 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

Kanye West and his bald girlfriend, Amber Rose.  Need we say more?

Soulja Boy

Snoop Soulja 02 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

We know some of you might protest this, but the reason we put Soulja Boy on our list is because we admire him for cleaning up his look.  Although he still holds on to those gigantic medallions and chains, Soulja Boy is now far from the Gucci-clad boy he once was, and learned that some brands are better worn monogram-less.  Nice look on Snoop Dogg’s video, Soulja Boy!


TI Jacket at Concert Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

The recently-released to halfway house T.I. made our list because although he’s away at prison in 2009, his clothing line AKOO is going strong and heading to the more sophisticated side of things.  T.I. indirectly teaches our men to look fly without appearing too flamboyant and we just LOVE him for that.

The Twilight Cast

Twilight Cast 01 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

Put them in overalls and flannels, put them in designer evening gears… the cast of Twilight will just look fantastic.  They’re among the hottest fashion icons of the year and we look forward to see more of them in 2010!

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston 01 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

The ultimate pop star came back with a bang in 2009, Whitney Houston didn’t just bring good music to her fans’ ears, she also appeared with such elegance that’s a feast to our eyes!  We hope Bobbi Kristina learns about true elegance from her mother.

First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!

From her iconic inauguration white ball gown that put designer Jason Wu on the map, to grazing the cover of Vogue, Michelle Obama clearly became First Lady in her own stylish way.  And it is why we feel the absolute need to include her in our list.  Loving Michelle Obama’s fashion sense… always!

 Ten Fashion Icons of 2009!
Ashlee Vensel is a freelance writer born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After getting a degree in English at UCLA she immediately began work as a freelance writer and moved to Denver, Colorado. Though she enjoys the Rocky Mountains, she plans to move back home soon.

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