The Face of Dior is Becoming a Bore

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The fashion industry was utterly smitten when news first broke of timeless beauty Marion Cotillard becoming the newest face of Dior and the house’s elegant and classic styles. Everyone just knew the woman who single handedly brought modesty and class back to the red carpet would be the perfect fit for Dior’s dramatic ad campaigns. Before Dior personally chose the French actress from among many tough contenders for the coveted endorsement deal, she continually wowed in sleek, chic and tres magnifique looks both on and off the red carpet.

Since inking the deal, it’s almost as if Cotillard feels so loyal to the fashion brand, that she can’t be seen in any other label, which unfortunately has landed her on a lot of worst-dressed lists recently. Her biggest offence to date is undoubtedly the blue patterned monstrosity she debuted at the December 5 Opening Ceremony of the tenth annual Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco. Below, take a look at her over-the-top fashion choice – and sound off with what you think about the look.

The Christian Dior creation was over-patterned, over-feathered, and just plain over. Even worse, the floor-length frock made the otherwise svelte 35-year-old appear frumpy and uncomfortable. The feathered collar looked more like a bird’s nest than a chic accent, and the entire look didn’t do a thing for either Cotillard or the brand she’s supposed to be successfully representing.

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It’s no secret that feathers are a huge trend right now – and there are appropriate ways to wear them right, without looking like you narrowly escaped the clutches of an ostrich’s beak. To make the trend work for you, try a tiny feather accent on an evening clutch bag or a piece of statement jewelry with a small feather detail. Peacock-style feather earrings and pendants are everywhere right now – from Forever 21 to Saks – and can work with everything from your favorite weekend jeans to a cocktail dress. Give the feather look a try in small doses, and avoid this Cotillard-esque fashion disaster.

 The Face of Dior is Becoming a Bore
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 The Face of Dior is Becoming a Bore

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