Naomi Campbell Mugged and Injured

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Supermodel Naomi Campbell has pulled a lot of stunts before, including breaking laws and such. However, getting mugged is not something she tries to keep under wraps. Reports say that Campbell was violently attacked and robbed in Paris, and she suffered from a leg injury.

Page Six reported that Campbell was a targeted victim, as she was knocked over and robbed when she was trying to hail a cab. French authorities say Campbell suffered a torn ligament from the incident.

Campbell has not gone public about the incident, although she has been seen in crutches and wheelchair since about a month ago. Her billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin, reportedly increased security around her. Campbell is currently in Miami getting ready for her TV show, The Face, which will premier next month.

Sounds like a traumatic event.  Get well soon, Naomi!

Image: Wikimedia Commons

 Naomi Campbell Mugged and Injured
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